Портфолио ученика ГОУ СОШ №1363 Ивченко Марии

Мария Ивченко

Дата Рождения 03.08.1994
Место учебы: ГОУ СОШ №1363 г.Москва

Some information about myself.

Ivchenco Maria Vladimirovna
03 / 08 / 1994
Moscow / Russia / Fergansky street /
Education- School № 1363
I learn 2 languages. They are English and German.
Hobby- I’m acting in the theater .I have acted in 4plays
I Study English
Books- As for me, I don’t like to read books of school program, my favourite writer is M. Lermontov
Best of all I like to read books about real stories.
Some information about sport- From 3 to 6 years I went in for Gymnastic and Acrobatic
From 7 to 10 years I went in for Ballet
From 11 to 12 years I went in for Swimming
From 13 to 15 years I went in for Theatre
The sign of the zodiac - I’m a Leo. It is a very interesting sign. People of this sign are always successful leaders. I’m very proud of being a Leo. I’m more resolute, than many other people.
Character - On the one hand, my character is very bad. I’m quick – tempered.
On the other hand I always help my friends in everything. I do my best for them. I forgive almost everything. I’m responsible.

My role model.- My favourite actress is Angelina Jolly , because when she was little girl, she was not very beautiful. Her rich schoolmates always scoff on her. But now she is more beautiful than all of them and more popular.

My future plans- To tell the truth I haven’t decided anything yet. But I want to work with people, because it is very interesting, more useful.